Friday, December 9, 2016

X-Wing Comparison

So some pictures are coming out of Hollywood showing a full-scale x-wing parked outside the theater where Rogue One will be premiering. Details match the prop we've seen in trailers and behind the scenes footage. How does it look compared to its sister prop from A New Hope?

Started with a photomatch of one of the images from the hollywood prop:

This is pretty quick and dirty, and I don't think I nailed the proportions or matched the perspective perfectly, but I think this is giving me a good idea of the major planes the make up the body.

here's the same thing done with the ANH version

And here's a comparison of the two

the different colors show the major planes. ANH's nose was more complex, and most of the planes are subtly curved to meet each other at the seams. The RO version seems more streamlined. That large yellow plane across the nose is completely flat as far as I can tell. Only the orange panel with the curved edges is a complex non-planar shape.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rogue One Partisan X-Wing

Huh... I dig it. Also, damn I'm excited for Rogue One!

Adapted from my model of the full-scale ANH X-Wing. there are some subtle differences, especially some curved lines directly aft of the cockpit, but otherwise it looks spot on to its ANH and ESB sisters, from the images I've seen.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

X-Wing Cockpit Photomatch

Finally nailed it... I've been trying to get this particular photo to work as a photomatch for hmmm, maybe a year or two.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Definitive "A New Hope" Falcon Cockpit

there was probably something else I was supposed to be doing... huh... oh well.

anywhere, here are renders of a project that I started in 2010. This is the cockpit of the Falcon from ANH, warts, misaligned panels, and all. Everything in here has been stared out for countless hours, reexamined, rebuilt, fretted over, deleted, lost in data errors, rebuilt, rebuilt again for good measure.

Finished it all one afternoon a few months ago, very suddenly. I wasn't even expecting it. I added a button, and looked around and kind of just went... oh... guess I... finished it. Then went and had a bit of a lie down.

now what? Finish the rest of the interior... uh, animate the blinky lights accurately? well, anyway, enjoy.

(big credit to J Maruska, who modeled the captain/copilot bucket seats that I used, and who's own excellent Falcon work can be found here!)