Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Definitive "A New Hope" Falcon Cockpit

there was probably something else I was supposed to be doing... huh... oh well.

anywhere, here are renders of a project that I started in 2010. This is the cockpit of the Falcon from ANH, warts, misaligned panels, and all. Everything in here has been stared out for countless hours, reexamined, rebuilt, fretted over, deleted, lost in data errors, rebuilt, rebuilt again for good measure.

Finished it all one afternoon a few months ago, very suddenly. I wasn't even expecting it. I added a button, and looked around and kind of just went... oh... guess I... finished it. Then went and had a bit of a lie down.

now what? Finish the rest of the interior... uh, animate the blinky lights accurately? well, anyway, enjoy.

(big credit to J Maruska, who modeled the captain/copilot bucket seats that I used, and who's own excellent Falcon work can be found here!)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Full Scale Falcon Project Update

Sudden burst of work on this one: transferring all the exterior greebles I've built for various other versions of the old gal, onto the shell of the Full Scale Falcon. Almost done!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lars Family Speeder

I'd built a model of this a few years ago, but now I'm looking at it again and I see a lot that needs to be fixed.

Here's an all new version, cobbled together with photogrammetry. I estimate that the prop was around 21' in length.

and then here, just for fun, is a possible interior. Man, this was actually a lot of fun to put together. I grabbed a model of Chuck Yeager off the sketchup warehouse for the pilot, and then kitbashed components out of my model Falcon interior to round out the details and greebles.