Tuesday, October 20, 2015


so the turret is backwards... spotted on The RPF by the eagle-eyed Jaitea. It's be speculated that the turret can or should rotate into this position, though it's never been seen on film. Until now.

I think I can deal with this. I think I'll have to do a quick animation, to see what it looks like swinging around. But visually it totally makes sense, and doesn't break the ship or add anything stupid, in my opinion.

But what's really weirding me out though is the disappearing red panel...

this is the rear quarter from the first teaser, ostensibly from the same desert battle with TIE fighters. Note the red panel

and here she is now with in the new trailer with no red panel.

what gives?

I kind of hope she gets blasted at some point, and we see Han or somebody standing on the falcon replacing her panels. That could be a fun scene. But I also wonder if the flight scene in the teaser was made up specially for the teaser, and the model they used had a red panel for some reason, which was discarded for the actual movie.

time will tell.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Full Scale X-wing

The last X-wing I built was based on the special effects model used for filming the battle sequences for A New Hope. Now here's a completely different version, based on the full-scale prop, over 40' long and 36' wide.

They're basically very similar, it takes a sharp eye to tell the two versions of the iconic ship apart.

here's an overlay of my geometry, showing how close it is the genuine article, filmed on the Elstree Soundstage.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Building myself an all new X-wing from scratch. DaveG of the Replica Prop Forum posted his progress building an x-wing from a casting of one of the original models used on A New Hope.

more here

As I followed the thread, I became deeply dissatisfied with the model I'd previously built.

so here's where I'm at now