Sunday, September 21, 2014

What did you do to my ship!?

Images were "leaked" recently of the Millennium Falcon's new dish for the upcoming EP 7.

read about it here

and the Falcon is sporting a new radar dish. Gotta love the nod to the end of Jedi, where Lando knocks the dish off while careening through the death star's guts. But how's this thing look?

so I perspective matched the leaked photos and imported my Falcon model. The model I've built is based primarily on the blueprints used in Empire to create the full-size prop seen in Echo base and on the Bespin landing pad. Looks like the production team on EP7 is doing the same thing. A fairly nice match, a few weird spots, but definitely close enough to work out the dimensions and look of the new dish.

and here are some renders....

Hmm, could I live with this?


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Definitive Millennium Falcon Interior

Well... here we go again. My first model of the New Hope interior of the Falcon was made waaaay back when I was just learning sketchup. It is a mess, to say the least. So, armed with new skills and knowledge (and a fair amount of time borrowed from somewhere) I've started an all new model of the interior.

Starting with a photomatch, and working my way from there, this is as far as I've come.

my goal is to make a model that, when rendered, is indistinguishable from what we see on screen in A New Hope... no sweat, right?

and just for the sake of bragging, here is the geometry of the model overlaid with the perspective matched photo of the real set.

Further updates. more junk for everybody!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Full Scale Falcon Basic Structure

If you haven't heard about the Full Scale Falcon Project, you should head over to this link now

I have the dubious honor of being the guy who figures out how the famously impossible interior of the Millennium Falcon could work in reality. Over the holiday weekend, I came a hell of lot closer.

This is pretty much the final layout, designed at 1:1 scale, of the planned Falcon.

next step, structural engineering to make sure this baby would hold together...

be sure to watch the video flythrough of the interior space, at the bottom of the page!