Thursday, November 28, 2013

Falcon Cockpit, ESB (part 2)

Added the volvo dashboard parts on the side panels there, photomatched in sketchup from some nice close-ups found of the same part on the sides of Han's block of frozen carbonite.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

TIE Fighter

Interior based on production blueprints, and carefully reconstructed from screencaps and behind the scenes images. This is a basically never before seen view of the TIE interior (there have been many interpretations over the years, but none that really come close to what's actually seen in the first Star Wars movie) The pilot is a very rough mock up, just so the ship isn't empty. The chair is my embellishment, and is based on the Martin Baker ejection seat featured in the cockpit (with the distinctive headrest removed)

Exterior work in progress

and here's the cockpit

Falcon Cockpit, ESB

I seem to be converting the details on my ANH cockpit, to the ESB cockpit...

so many details. Don't I always say that?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Echo Base Rough

Just fooling around with a few models... The X-Wing, the Falcon, and all the background elements are mine, but the snowspeeders were downloaded from the sketchup warehouse for a quick preview. The space is based on the blueprints of the Elstree Sound Stage where the interior sets of Echo Base were constructed. The extended space beyond the berths (second picture right-hand) is a rough extension of the large matte paintings that were used in those areas on the sounds stage to imply a larger space.