Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Millennium Falcon Exterior and Death Star Docking Bay (part 6)

This weekend I got to the plating on the mandibles, and started to fill up the maintenance access pits. These new details are referenced from the 5' studio model that was used for effects shots of the exterior. The actual full scale Falcon in A New Hope has nothing at all in the pits or on top of the mandibles, because shooting angles didn't demand detailing in those areas.

I did some virtual kitbashing in one of the pits, as well. I noticed that one part was an entire famous real-life spacecraft, so I found a low res model of it and scaled it down to fit. Saved me a lot of time, and made me feel part of a great tradition.

Virtually all sci-fi spacecraft models from this era of film-making where made by scratch building a basic body out of various materials, and then gluing miniature model parts to that. Anything from model tanks, trucks, trains, aircraft, and space industry miniatures were used. After a base coat was applied to everything, the models magically transformed into seemingly practical spacecraft.

Bonus points if you can spot the kitbashed part (best viewed in the third render).

I also got some work done on the jawbox (the last render) which so far is all referenced from the full scale set of the Falcon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Millennium Falcon Interior

I've been working on this model for several years now, and just recently I added the grime to the main crash couch. Here are some renders.

Click to enlarge