Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Corridors

Back in August last year, images of the Falcon's interior leaked onto the internet. At the time, I did a perspective match of one of the images, and noticed something interesting about the layout. From the leaked image, it was apparent to me that the production crew was following the exact same layout designed by Roger Christian on A New Hope, and Empire. The model of the interior I'd already built from production blueprints from the 70's and 80's fit perfectly. Except for a spare bit of corridor, that seemed to be a new addition to the interior we'd seen before .

Working with the perspective match, that spare bit of corridor seemed to fit at the end of the main ring of corridors, creating a T-intersection if you were to take a left after climbing the ramp into the Falcon.

just a few days ago, on May 4th, a video was released by Vanity Fair, covering a photoshoot in the interior of the new Falcon.

at the 13 second mark, I noticed a bit of corridor serving as a backdrop.

at first glance this looks like a view standing in the cockpit corridor, looking toward the main ring of corridors, much like this shot from the new trailer, with BB-8

but notice that in the first shot, the ladderway, which would be visible if this were the same area, is missing. 

I'm feeling pretty confident at this point, that what we're seeing is the new corridor I speculated about back in August. 

This is a model of the corridor layout as it seems to be from what we've seen so far. I can't wait to see if I'm right, and to get to see more never-before seen interior spaces of the Falcon!