Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Featured in a Roundup of Star Wars Blogs

Cool, cool. Stinson's All Things Star Wars was featured in a roundup of Top Star Wars blogs on . Nice to be on the map! They've said some very nice things about me, and I really appreciate it.

Go check out the Top 50 list here

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Falcon Hatch

this ILM concept image for TFA got me thinking. I cut up the model of the TFA Falcon I've built, just to see how the interior and exterior might interact with a door like that. Hmm, kind of interesting...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Docking Bay 94 (WIP)

what a piece of junk!

This was all built in sketchup from blueprints and photogrammetry of the original sets and props.

Docking Bay 94 has become one of my holy-grails of accuracy. I'm getting there...with a few liberties. The far wall of the docking bay was flat in the filming set, both due to the limited space of the soundstage, and for budget. However that wall was subtly painted as a scenery flat to give the suggestion of a fully round bay. The set piece of the Falcon itself was also only about 3/4 complete, truncated pretty much right against that flat back wall. In order to have a fully complete Falcon, as was later created for Empire, I've had to fill in the far wall as though it were complete. Usually I like to recreate the movie sets, rather than the universe, but sometimes I sacrificed my slavish reproduction of the sets and props, and dip a toe into the realm of fantasy...