Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Millennium Falcon Nav Console Discovery

Well I'll be goddamned.... Just when you think you know it all, you make new discoveries.

I was casually scrolling through NASA's facebook page, like you do, and this photo from a Skylab mission popped up.

I thought to myself, "haha oh cool, that panel looks kinda like the Nav Console in the Millennium Falcon"

so I started searching for more images from Skylab, and lo and behold, I find...

it's basically an exact match, from the foot panel, to the shelf to some of the greebles on the side

how cool is that?!?

there's further proof in JW Rinzler's Blueprints book, which shows a drawing of the Navicomputer that always baffled me. It has all these extra switches and this weird truncated angle on the right hand of the console that I couldn't figure out. Well, if you look at the Skylab console, same switches, and a same truncated angle.

now to figure out if it's just a really cool replica of the console, put in by Roger Christian and the set dressers, or if it's really a console from NASA, maybe a ground based training model, that was redressed to fit the part?