Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Definitive Millennium Falcon Interior

Well... here we go again. My first model of the New Hope interior of the Falcon was made waaaay back when I was just learning sketchup. It is a mess, to say the least. So, armed with new skills and knowledge (and a fair amount of time borrowed from somewhere) I've started an all new model of the interior.

Starting with a photomatch, and working my way from there, this is as far as I've come.

my goal is to make a model that, when rendered, is indistinguishable from what we see on screen in A New Hope... no sweat, right?

and just for the sake of bragging, here is the geometry of the model overlaid with the perspective matched photo of the real set.

Further updates. more junk for everybody!


  1. Jesus! Stinson, you are a master!

  2. Stinson, your 3D models are awesome. I sent you an email the other day about possibly using a few of these in a project. Can you get back to me about that?

  3. Post the 3d model.. Need to download it