Saturday, October 17, 2015

Full Scale X-wing

The last X-wing I built was based on the special effects model used for filming the battle sequences for A New Hope. Now here's a completely different version, based on the full-scale prop, over 40' long and 36' wide.

They're basically very similar, it takes a sharp eye to tell the two versions of the iconic ship apart.

here's an overlay of my geometry, showing how close it is the genuine article, filmed on the Elstree Soundstage.


  1. So whats the differences?


  2. We just finished making a laser cuttable kit of the Millennium Falcon, and would like to make an X-wing next. You can down load the first set of files at for free - but it would really help us make the x-wing more accurate if we have a good model of work off of. Are you willing to share the amazing x-wing model you created? You can reach me at: dustin -at-

  3. So what are the precise length, width and height (sans landing gear) of the X-wing?