Monday, April 29, 2013

Millennium Falcon Exterior Details

Lots of work added to my exterior model of the Millennium Falcon, but lots and lots more to do. Arriving at this point has been a matter of referencing the full scale movie set built for A New Hope, and filling in the blank spots with "DNA" from the 5' Studio Scale Model built for effects shots.

The last image, for instance, showing the rear undercarriage assembly, was detailed completed from the studio model. That area was virtually blank on the full scale set. Almost all that bulky junk was kitbashed, in the studio model, from WW2 tanks. Painted all one color, it does lend the ship a sense of a working machine. 

The phrase "Drive Safely" really was on the rear end of the effects model. It was one of many joke decals, applied by the art department, which would have been too small to be caught on the silver screen.  

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  1. Great work Stinson, I've been silently following the progress of your Millennium Falcon and it's really "Impressive!" This would sure save a lot of work for Lucasfilm. Who knows, maybe they will call you.