Monday, May 20, 2013

IG-88 Blaster

Bit of a change of pace. A client, and fellow member of the Replica Prop Forum, comissioned me to replicate the tip of IG-88's blaster. The model is being printed by shapeways as I write this.

After I finished modelling the part, I got curious about the rest of the weapon. I was able to find a CG model of the MP44 rifle that the ESB production department used as a base for the blaster, and from there I modelled a number of other parts that were added on (such as some scopes and a pair of model v8 pistons)

A few more parts would need to be added to finish the model off, but it was kind of fun to reverse engineer the kinds of modifications the art departments made to create their distinctive blasters from existing guns.

And here's an image of the original blaster, from the Star Wars Visual Dictionary.