Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Millennium Falcon Engine Deck

The back quarter of the Falcon has more detail than I can shake a stick at. But I'm gonna try to shake that stick anyways. I've been avoiding building the details in the engine for just about 2 years now. But I'm finally, finally putting in some good hours back there.

Also, while you're working on a model like this, it's really easy to lose sense of the scale of things. So I've included a Stormtrooper, just hanging out there gawking at the details. It's amazing to me what he does to put things in perspective.

all the images are cropped to hide the fact that at the moment the rest of the engine deck is bare of details. In the near-ish future, I have to go from blank slate, to something resembling this:


worth it though, I hope. 

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