Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"The moon with the Rebel base will be in range in thirty minutes..."

"I got a bad feeling about this..."


  1. So this is interesting. Putting stormtroopers next to the blocks and the towers actualy makes the place very small compare to the scale they wanted i guess to achieve.
    Steve can you post some more human vs blocks/tiles of the death star surface?

  2. Yeah, I was really surprised by this as well. The scale I have here is based on the placement of the access ladder rungs on the side. In my model, the distances pretty accurately reflect the distances on the real scale model. When I scaled up to 1:1 to match the full size storm troopers, I based my measurement on the standard distance between real-life ladder rungs (about 12") Different distances would give different results, but I think the end product would be the same: The turbo laser towers are actually smaller than the seem on screen.