Saturday, November 7, 2015

Starkiller Base

Overlay of sketchup photomatch from Force Awakens Poster.

Here's my theory about Starkiller Base. The First Order figures that both Death Stars were a great idea, but were obviously vulnerable to attacks from small fighters. So with Starkiller Base, they take a stable planet, and put a big laser in it. This way, it would basically take a Death Star to destroy the thing.


  1. how big is the star killer base supposed to be

    1. The thing is actually much larger than the second Death Star... many scenes in the trailers show the snow planet (Starkiller base) and there seems to be normal gravity and horizon.
      That alone should put it at 10000+ kilometers, close to earth diameter, unless it's much, much denser.
      Compare this to the largest estimates for the second battlestation, about 900km (>500miles), and Starkiller main weapon alone is already bigger than the whole Death Star!
      That big trench ranges in the thousand kilometers and could literally dock Death Stars! O_o

  2. no idea yet. describes it as a planet, so I'm assuming it's pretty sizable. Bigger than the second Death Star? Perhaps.

  3. It destroys planets and transforms into a ski resort in the off season.

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