Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lars Family Speeder

I'd built a model of this a few years ago, but now I'm looking at it again and I see a lot that needs to be fixed.

Here's an all new version, cobbled together with photogrammetry. I estimate that the prop was around 21' in length.

and then here, just for fun, is a possible interior. Man, this was actually a lot of fun to put together. I grabbed a model of Chuck Yeager off the sketchup warehouse for the pilot, and then kitbashed components out of my model Falcon interior to round out the details and greebles.


  1. Oh, man. This is amazing. Love what you did with the interior. The view from inside makes me see the vehicle in a whole new light.

  2. Thanks Donny, yeah that interior came together quickly. I was surprised anything fit in there, since the craft has such a low profile, but once those bucket seats from the Falcon went in, everything else followed easily.