Friday, January 5, 2018

Solo Falcon

Another year, another chance to play "what have you done to my ship?"

if grainy images coming out of Russia are to be believed this January, the Millennium Falcon featured in the stand alone Han Solo movie will feature a new (old?) nose...

Out of curiosity I bashed together this preview of the possible design by modifying existing models I've built.

Honestly... I'm fine with it. I'm curious to see how she looks up close, and how close I've come to the design that will feature in the movie. Few more months to go before I find out....

honestly the paint job is bugging me the most. I kinda wish they'd just made it stock white like a stardestroyer. Does it really need markings? These random blue markings just feel like an R2 skin was slapped on it.




  1. You don't disappoint. I came here looking for this.

    I always thought the mandibles were meant for grabbing things. Curious to see how this is gonna work. :)

  2. Hi there....I'm new ..very new on star wars stuff....but I have come into the millennium falcon deagostini issues it 1-39 I was wondering are they worth anything sold on over and above the buy price....all have there protective covers...Well most! Yours interestedly ...New Skywalker Joe

  3. I must say that I am liking the old-new design of the Falcon. It's really lovely!

  4. I'm curious about the closing-up of the mandibles by extending them and the jawbox. Granted, we've never seen the Falcon using these in the movies, but, even in Joe Johnston's words, the mandibles were an integral part of the freighter's operation. Maybe this is a temporary/adjustable thing. Maybe they won't even bring it up in the Solo movie.

    As for the blue markings, I suppose the ship could have been painted any number of ways over the years, but they could have, at least, lined up these blue panels to coincide with the blue ones on the "later" Falcon. When I recently did my Factry Stock Falcon, I decided to go the pure white, no markings route, with the only external decals used being the ones I applied to the new, circular docking ring assembly (which I stole from my A-Wing kit).

    Maybe we'll see some explanations in this new film, maybe not. Maybe it'll just add new stuff to the "ship of mysteries" for us to ponder.

    I do like the extra wide engine flaps in the rear, though.

  5. just dropped the official synopsis of the movie, and it starts off with "Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story" With any luck that emphasis is intentional and we'll get our favorite hunk of junk as a central set piece throughout the movie. Maybe we'll get some answers, but without a doubt we'll get more twists for the Ship of Riddles.

    Milé, I really love your take on a Factory Stock version! I agree that it would have been kinda satisfying to see markings that lined up with the parts on the later Falcon. But then again I'm reminded of my dad's old Toyota Celica with mismatched quarter panels, once upon a time it was a solid color...

  6. Thanks, Stinson, that means a lot coming from someone whose work I've admired for some time, now.

  7. Awesome work, and so fast! I can't believe you do all this is sketchup!

  8. thanks! It's a quick kitbash from the Falcon I built by photomatching screencaps of the Falcon in the trailers before TFA came out. That was a labor of love... I started using sketchup for fun a long time ago and got to know it so well it's actually hampered my ability to learn other programs. Why bash my head against a wall trying to figure out Maya when I know sketchup so well I use its tools in my dreams? heh. But it does mean I don't have any industry standard experience.

  9. Contains a rotating model, looks like Han lost a few large chunks of hull paneling

  10. Hoping for some internal consistency...
    1. Canon sources suggest the MF is about 60 years old in ANH;
    2. Solo probably is set 6-10 years before ANH;
    Therefore, a) I not sure how the MF looks so brand spanking new in Solo when it's just over 50 years old; and b) how the MF transformed so much in 6-10 years.

    1. It cameos in the prequals as it is a new hope.

  11. Here's a good picture of a few droids from Solo:

  12. I dont like it. In the old cannon rhe all Y-T class ships had the gap becuse the cock pit could be situated in the middle. I think this will anoy a ton of fans.

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  14. As expected, the film has been met with huge criticism, which in my opinion is wholly unjust and just another opportunity for so called 'star wars' fans to voice their disapproval for Disney. Solo is not the biggest and boldest SW feature by any stretch, but it is true to the original trilogy material without resorting to overly complicated plots, ropey CGI effects and forced comedy. It provides action , excitement, great dialogue, romance and a vast array of alien creatures (that were lacking in Rogue 1) and genuinely feels like a SW film, albeit with an interesting western inspired spin. Its Star Wars with everything we love about the saga. If you hate it.. perhaps its time you realised you might not be a SW fan after all.

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