Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ralph McQuarrie Millennium Falcon (part 3)

Based on these three drawings by Joe Johnston, I've started working on an interior of the McQuarrie Falcon.

And here are some cross sections of what I came up with.

and some renders

As far as a "what might have been" look at the interior of the Falcon, it's actually not bad at all. In fact, it seems like it might have been far more versatile as a movie set, allowing for a much greater number of camera angles.


  1. I'd say that this would fit better with the concept of a 26.7 meter falcon and might go so far as to treat it like a different ship in terms of expanded universe as perhaps a YT-800 as opposed to the 40 meter YT-1300.

  2. I got the size of this version by photomatching a Ralph McQuarrie painting of the concept falcon in a docking bay. Scaling to matching the stormtroopers standing in the painting, I ended up with a lenght about 105' long (or 32m). Which incidentally has no trouble fitting the Joe Johnston interior in the drawings.

    To me, this is more of an artistic excerise, exploring an alternate Star Wars base on the McQuarrie paintings, rather than an addition to the expanded universe.

    1. I realize that. I was just commenting on a possible side effect of the project and that this layout could possibly be crammed into a 26.7 like in so many of the materials over the years unlike the actual film set.

  3. I just stumbled upon your renders today. Great work! Seeing the top view/cross section I am reminded of a website named Ship of Riddles by a Joe Brown,(?). He claimed the interior of the Falcon could have a circular corridor ring running thru the interior. For some reason Lucas and his lackeys always seem to break up that interior corridor ring. Maybe just to spite that guy who blogged about the interior all those years ago when the internet began.