Saturday, December 21, 2013

Speeders of Mos Eisley

All four speeders that appear in Mos Eisley are pictured here.

technically you could say that the speeder on the far right is the Lars Family Speeder seen in Luke's garage, and that it needs a different paint job to be its Mos Eisley cousin, but that's splitting hairs. You could also say that Luke's own speeder is missing, but I haven't modeled it yet. Either way, I'm pretty happy with this little spread of obscure vehicles!

note: the Void-Spider and Mobquet speeders on the left both need complete paintjobs (which is a windmill for another day, so to speak) The other two are also in need of some dirtying up. 

a million points to them as can point out the one other place in A New Hope where the Ubrikkian Speeder appears, other than outside the cantina (a hint, it appears upside down)

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  1. Is there a place to see your full works on display? Youtube or any other place? Just to get the scope of all this work. It fascinates me. I'm 41 and ill go to bed tonight dreaming about these.