Monday, December 23, 2013

There goes another one...

Hold your fire, there're no life forms aboard.

maximum diameter is 7' based on a 311' Blockade Runner.

The main components of the engines were kitbashed from online model of a couple Saturn V rocket stages, but the rest is all original.

proportions and measurements of the main body were found on the The RPF

3PO model courtesy of the Sketchup Warehouse (with a few modifications)


  1. Watching the desing again i might come up with an idea of a possible entrance for the droids. the middle circle that is being surrounded by the thrusters can be the pod's entrance. close enough for 3PO fit there. and we can assume again that the thrusters are enclosed in their holes and they extend as the pod is ejected to space. Other than that im curious about your plans.


  2. I came up with a diameter of 9'6 while trying to reconcile the pods on the model with the escape pod miniature. I modeled them for a ship of my own design in SketchUp sans all the fine details. I also made the side hatch a sliding door because the apparent design just didn't work for me. If you can deduce how the thing actually works when docked in the ship, then you deserve a prize.