Friday, January 2, 2015

The New Dish

here's basically what we're looking at with the new dish, based on my photomatches.

I'm not sure how it connects yet to the base, though.

here are orthographic views of what I have so far. Still missing some details.

and here are overlays of the perspective-matched reference material.


  1. these deigns are superb! I'm now sold on the idea of scratch building one for my FineMolds and Easy Kit Falcon models

  2. When I first saw the new dish, my initial thought was that it was concave vertically (which makes sense when you think about how antennae function) and convex horizontally (which makes no sense at all). I just kind of took that in stride along with all the other fictional science in this franchise, like artificial gravity that has nothing to do with how the ship accelerates, hearing explosions in the vacuum of space, etc.
    But this closer look shows me that the dish is flat horizontally, and has a horizontally long pickup element (if that's what it's called), which do make sense together. Thank you Stinson, for having the attention to detail to help me see that the new dish is not as wack as I had initially thought.

  3. Hello, love your stuff! My 10 year old son pointed out that the new antenna appears to be exactly the same as the antenna on the blockade runner. Using the relative size chart from ILM ( it would be a perfect fit. You've developed a relative size between the star destroyer, blockade runner and Millennium Flacon. Is it based on how they compare to one another in actual screen shots (such as blockade runner going into destroyer hanger bay, and Falcon attached to destroyer tower in Ep. V? Either way, its a cool nod to the originals to use the old antenna on the new Flacon.