Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Actual Depth of Docking Bay 327

There's a little known forced perspective feature of the Deathstar Docking Bay in A New Hope. Right below the main port there are stripes and chevrons similar to the ones on the deck beneath the Falcon in overhead shots.

They've been tapered so that they appear to converge on the same vanishing point as the rest of the bay, when viewed from a certain angle

Now, the overhead shot in the movie shows that airlock kinda right behind the ship. This matte paint has a lot of other weird issues, but the airlock is pretty much where it sits on the soundstage.

here's an orthgraphic view of the docking bay as it appears on the soundstage (note the distorted stripes on the left hand)

but if you extend the forced perspective chevrons out so that they match the size and spacing of the markings under the Falcon...

that's a much deeper bay...

and should look something like...


  1. I can't put in words how much I like this blog.

  2. Wow I never new that :o It'be cool to see what the resulting bay would look like from the overhead shot ;)

  3. updated with a render of the deeper bay!