Sunday, January 27, 2013

CG Han Solo

Working on a cg model of Captain Solo to add to my models of the interior/exterior of the Falcon. Not a bad start so far.


  1. Done in SketchUp? I have never figured out how to wrap textures / photos around a curved surface without it multiplying. Nice job.

  2. Thanks Jim,

    Yep, all sketchup. (with FredTools Curviloft plugin, which I highly recommend)

    As you no doubt know, texturing in sketchup is a cruel joke. I made this work by positioning a photo in front of the model, then setting the photo to "projected", and painting it to the model. It stretches the image on the sides (which I've left obscured in the shadows), and also projects the texture, reversed, to the back of the object (which looks Really weird.). But from certain angles it works well. I really wish sketchup materials had a wrap function, it's really irritating that it doesn't.

  3. thanks for the tip! will try it sometime.