Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vac-Formed Wall Panels (Part 2)

The wall panels are nearing completion.

And here's a look at how close they are to the original parts. This is one case, it seems, where the blueprints matched the final product in the movie, a nice surprise. 


  1. They look a ton better than mine. I wonder if I should start mine over since I am using them on a ship set in Star Wars, but not a replication of a screen-used ship.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I recommend starting over, that's usually when I get happiest with my own work. Do you have any of your ship design posted anywhere?

  3. We had a rough one up on our wiki, but then the drives failed and we lost the whole thing. The current revision has a mix of macross and tantive thrusters, so right now it is just a mess of subassemblies in separate files held loosely together with slight insanity.

    I am fighting a lot with its main hull. It is overall lozenge shaped and the hull panels are flush welded to each other (she does not have the fitted hull plates over sockets like the CEC birds), so I am at something of a loss both in how to get the geometry just right, how to get her inner hull just right, and make the hull plates – since just drawing them on is fine in sketchup, but those lines disappear in a ported out render.