Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rebel Blockade Runner

These are renders of my model of the Blockade Runner's interior movie sets, built from production blueprints. I've seen a lot of superb replicas of this set, but most seem to miss the subtly different whites of the wall modules and the scuffed up flooring. I still need to add a lot of details to this model, but I have to say it's pretty pleasing so far.

A fun detail about this set: the flat panels (dark there on the columns, and white on the box modules) are a set of vacuuformed panels used through A New Hope, on most Rebel Technology (Never on imperial sets). Another nice subtlety that tied the forces of good together with the use of unconscious details.

Seen here, behind young Lucas on the Blockade Runner Set. 

and in these examples.
background prop 'generator' boxes on Tattooine (replicated below in Sketchup)

And again here on the back of a Rebel Troop Transport in Yavin Base.

And even a pair on the Full Scale Millennium Falcon (on the side of the mandible, right at the front)


  1. You seriously need to be working for either Lucasfilm or Lucasarts.

  2. Is the Blockade Runner interior made with Sketch-Up? If so, the free or pay version? What program do you use to render the images? If you don't mind my asking, what are the specs of your computer? I use Sketch-Up on mine for a house project and it is very sloooooooow at times, especially when saving a large file. Thanks.

  3. It's all done in the free version of Sketchup. I use one or two plugins, also free, but the basic tools mostly do everything I need. I do the renders with Indigo. In my experience so far, Indigo is far and away the best renderer available for sketchup. My computer is nothing fancy, just a refurbished desktop PC so ordinary that I don't even care to know its specs (though I just upgraded to a newer model Dell that has a bit more processor power) Sadly I've noticed that no matter how good your computer is, Sketchup takes forever to save. It seems to be an thorn in the side of many longtime users, according to various complaints I've read on sketchup forums.

  4. OK, thanks. My problem might have something to do with having a quad-core processor, which I've read is not the best for Sketch-Up. Seriously, I don't know how you get your stuff done so quickly. It takes me forever! lol. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks again! The secret is that I poke at twenty different things at once for months, and then post a bunch of work when one or two projects start to bear fruit.