Monday, March 26, 2018

ESB Medbay

part 3,720 in my on-going series called "Where does that fit inside the Falcon?"

The medbay in ESB is weird little room. What we see on screen is very brief, just a quick shot with Luke and Leia, and then from another angle with Luke getting up. But there's really not much visible.

There were maquettes built that show a room in the same placement as the bay in Force Awakens; in the main hold essentially opposite the couch and holo-chess table.

On the set of ESB, they never built anything there. There's literally just a hole in the set that they use for camera placement.

so what did they build?

There's not much to go on, but years ago I noticed that there's part of a ring that's the same piece used on the corridors in the rest of the falcon.

so, knowing the dimensions of that ring from various blueprints, I was able to construct this photomatch.

at bare minimum, we're looking at a set piece that looks like this:

I'm skeptical, to say the least, that this could fit into the area in the maquette or the Force Awakens set....

So I ask you.... where the hell is that supposed to be?

well here's my favorite solution.


  1. Maybe it's across from the crew quarters, much like where the Engineering station is in the inside of the ring.

  2. We can imagine some clever possibilities, but I think that for the movie they only reused parts of the set after they've finished the scenes inside the falcon (a ring, plus the bed over the holochess)...

    hello again steve your art work is being used on here without your premission dave

  4. updated with a new concept of where the medbay might fit, see above!

    1. Oooh! Smart thinking! I love it!

    2. thanks! It's an idea I had years ago, but you definitely inspired me to revisit it.